The Mocking Jays are, Jacob, Lewis, Sam, Alex and George, a young, vibrant, enthusiastic and extraordinarily talented band who are delighting audiences throughout the UK. Their sound is tight, funky, Indie style featuring great umbers penned by themselves.

Their sound varies from catchy, poppy hooks that stick in your head for days, to surging, powerful grooves that make you move your feet.

The band have been booked for some great gigs over the summer of 2016 including council events, riverside festivals, beer festivals and major pop festivals around the country, including getting the winning public vote to appear at this years Y Not? Festival. For 2017 they have already been booked to appear at The Rock & Bike Festival. Bearded Theory and more!


National and local radio have featured the band in interviews and live music sessions and with a busy schedule of live gigs they can be seen at a venue near you soon.


Sexy, Funky, Dirty, Pop.

'With an average age of 20 you would not be blamed for underestimating this band. It seems however, that these boys thrive on being the underdogs, familiarising the extra ordinary, and utterly enjoying every new challenge that comes their way..and by God don't they step up to the mark?' - Dan Diamond

We are...     The Mocking Jays

'The Mocking Jays fun take on indie pop certainly comes across in ‘Too Close’. The track has proven a hit for them with BBC Introducing East Midlands and their enthusiasm for it resulted in the Nottingham four piece bagging their first national radio airplay last year.  It even took 9th place in the most played artists on BBC Introducing East Midlands from over 600 songs, including many signed acts. And did we mention they’re also sitting at No.1 in the National Reverbnation Indie Chart and 32 globally?! Not bad, eh?'  - The Unsigned guide Feature Reviews

Lew and Jay


'I particularly liked the way they blended guitar chords together into some really grabbing sounds. Their uplifting rhythms hade tons of traction and the kind of determined dynamics that make the songs dance.  They kept up the momentum, poering their tunes with plenty of punch and pulling the audience into the action. The mark of a good band is that if you see them once, you would want to go and see them again.  I would certainly want to see The Mocking Jays again' - Trevor, Music in Leicester

'These guys are everywhere at the minute, and if you haven't seen them before you are in for a treat. I've seem them from when they first started to where they are at now and they are one of my favourite local bands. Ladies and Gents, welcome to the stage, The Indie Kings in Nottingham and your new favourite band, The Mocking Jays!' - Daniel Ison, Nottingham Sound and Promotion

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